Consider how many rooms you want to protect. If you have three bedrooms, you will want a 3-pack. If you have three bedrooms but also want to gift Mindr units to loved ones, you will want a 5-pack.



Mindr is activated by the sound emitted by certain smoke alarms that emit a regulated tone known as temporal 3. T3 is the smoke alarm standard for UL217 8th edition and older. 

Most UL-listed smoke alarms manufactured after 1996 produce a T3 tone (UL217 8th edition).  If your smoke alarms were manufactured more than 10 years ago the National Fire Protection Agency recommends that you replace them. Here is a sample list of alarms that function with Mindr (First Alert: OneLink, SA303, 9120b; Kidde: I9070, 9010, I9050, I9080, I9040; Firex: 120-1182, i4618ac). The NFPA also recommends that your smoke detectors be interconnected so that when one activates, they all do.

No. Mindr does not detect smoke, heat or fire. Mindr only responds when a smoke alarm emits a T3 tone.  Mindr is a secondary device that works in conjunction with your smoke alarms.  Mindr DOES NOT replace your smoke alarm or any other fire safety equipment.

The Mindr device must be installed within 6 feet and in the same room as a UL listed smoke detector. Most building codes require and the National Fire Protection Agency recommends that smoke alarms be placed inside all bedrooms as well as outside of sleeping areas. Many smoke alarms are battery operated and can be readily installed within 6 feet of the Mindr device. 

The Mindr device must be installed within 6 feet and in the same room as a UL listed smoke alarm. Ensure you test your device on an open door using your home's smoke alarm. 

No. Mindr is only listening for the T3 tone emitted from a smoke alarm and does not save or record any audio events. Audio environments in your home vary greatly and testing is required to confirm correct functionality. Refer to the Quick Start Guide, Packaging Insert and Warranty Statement for further information. 

It happens rarely but Mindr could be activated and close a door if it detects a loud noise that mimics the tone of a fire alarm such as certain songs played at high volume. 

The floor around the door and entryway must be kept clear of all objects. Objects (clothes, toys or even plush rugs and carpets) that block the entryway or impede the movement of the door may prevent the Mindr unit from closing the door.

No. Mindr makes no changes to the normal operation of the door unless the unit is activated.

Any interior door that weighs no more than 70 lbs. The door must be free swinging, should not rub on a floor covering such as a rug or carpet, the entryway must be free of obstructions and the door jambs should not impede the closure of the door such as spring hinges, slow close (soft close) hinges, or other features installed on the hardware of the door.

CAUTION: Do NOT slam the door open as the Mindr unit could get damaged (cracked housing etc.) if it makes contact with the door casing.

Typical door size/weight chart
(exact values vary by manufacturer)

Width x (80" tall) - Solid Core - Hollow Core

26" - 60lbs. - 23lbs.

28" - 64lbs. - 25lbs.

30" - 68lbs. - 27lbs.

32" - 74lbs. - 29lbs.

34" - 78lbs. - 31lbs.

36" - 83lbs. - 33lbs.

Mindr only closes a door and is not attached to the handle or latch in any way. If the safest way to get out of the room is through the door, it should be easy to reopen it.

CAUTION: If the lock on the door handle is engaged (i.e. the lock button is pushed in), the door may lock when it closes.

You can open the door while it’s being closed with less than 5lbs pulling force as the IBC (International Building Code) requires.  In most cases, the force is less than 2lbs and the door’s closure can be stopped with pressure from a single finger.

Normally this would be due to the tone of the fire alarm being outdated or not in the same room and within 6 feet of the Mindr unit. Also, verify that you have not painted over, placed a sticker on or otherwise covered the unit which would impact its ability to detect the sound of a fire alarm. 

Verify that the door meets the product requirements (i.e. weight and angle of opening) and that there is not an obstruction (i.e. door rubbing on carpet).

Otherwise, although uncommon, Mindr might not close due to wind coming through an open window or certain HVAC conditions that create enough atmospheric resistance to prevent Mindr from closing the door. 

You may need to oil your hinges.  We recommend oiling your hinges with a light oil (such as a “3-in-One” brand) twice a year. Test Mindr’s functionality after any adjustments to your door or door hardware. Also, ensure that a floor covering is not rubbing, creating resistance.

Mindr automatically resets itself at the end of each cycle (approximately 45 seconds).  To manually reset the device after activation, hold down the button for 3 seconds then release.

Mindr uses 2 Energizer Max Alkaline 9V batteries that are included in the unit when it is shipped.  Replacements can be found at most major retailers.

Refer to the battery manufacturer’s instructions but, with most over-the-counter batteries and normal testing of the unit, Mindr should last up to 12 months. If the battery is failing Mindr will emit a low-battery chirp. Just like most fire alarms, we recommend replacing the batteries annually even if you don’t hear the chirp. 

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) recommends that fire alarms be tested monthly and UL recommends that these devices be tested weekly.  We suggest that each time you test your fire alarms, you test your Mindr unit. 

Mindr will turn on a light when it is activated.  The lighting provides at least 12 Lux at 36” distance.  This is not a full illumination source but is brighter than most nightlights and may help orient people in a dark environment.

No, the Mindr lighting provides basic illumination in a dark room which can help orient occupants and speed their exit.

A closed door slows fire growth as well as protects the room and contents. Many people who sleep with their doors closed often do not close them when they leave the house. Mindr will add a new level of fire protection to your home by closing the door when you are not present allowing additional time for fire fighters to suppress the flame and smoke before the room and its contents are destroyed.

No, some door sizes, weights, and other features can impact function.  In smaller rooms with closed windows and/or certain HVAC conditions a normal door may close but not latch.  Closed doors that are not latched are still capable of blocking heat and smoke and provide additional protection vs fully opened doors. 

A normal installation allows for an opening of 130 degrees. If your door is able to open more than 130 degrees we recommend adding a physical stop to avoid damaging the device


Mindr can be installed using the 2 wood screws to the door as outlined in the Quick Start Guide. There is adhesive on the back of the device that only provides TEMPORARY adhesion to free up your hands for the screw installation.

We recommend the unit be installed on the top hinge for two reasons: 1) The top hinge is closer to the smoke detector that Mindr is listening for, and 2) Installing Mindr out of the reach of children helps keep it from being tampered with.

Screws are required, use of the adhesive strip is optional and only provides temporary adhesion to free up your hands for the screw installation.

Mindr is not intended for use on fire-rated doors.  Most fire doors have a label on the hinge that specifies it is a fire door.  Any screws driven into a fire-rated door could compromise its fire rating.  Therefore, you should not install Mindr on a fire-rated door. 

No, the Mindr device is intended to be installed only on doors with standard hinges.

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