Consider how many rooms you want to protect. If you have three bedrooms, you will want a 3-pack. If you have three bedrooms but also want to gift Mindr units to loved ones, you will want a 5-pack.

Creating a Fire Safety Plan

If a fire strikes your home, would you and your loved ones know what to do? According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) (, in 2014 there were an estimated 367,000 reported home structure fires in the U.S. and 2,745 associated deaths. Those numbers reinforce how having a clearly communicated escape plan drawn up before a fire happens can help prevent a tragedy.

  1. Add protection to bedroom doors. Install fire safety devices, like Mindr, on each bedroom door. Mindr devices work with smoke alarms to close doors—without locking them—in the event of a fire, providing a barrier between your loved ones and the smoke and flames.
  2. Map it out.Create a floor plan of your home and highlight at least two potential ways out of each room using windows and doors. Try to choose routes that are free of obstacles like furniture or steps. Add the location of fire extinguishers to the map, too.
  3. Highlight the alarm.Talk to everyone who lives in your home about the importance of smoke alarms. Identify the location of each one and test the alarms so your loved ones know what they sound like if triggered.
  4. Leave no one behind.If your home has pets, children, older adults, or disabled family members, make sure your escape plan includes others who are assigned to assist them in case of emergency.
  5. Get down safely.If you live in a multi-story home, be sure every family member has access to emergency ladders or fire-escape equipment that can be used from windows. Practice using the ladders.
  6. Test it out. Practice leaving your home as quickly as possible. Hold fire drills during the day and night at least once a year. Practice escaping halls and rooms by crawling low to avoid smoke if needed.  

You have to draw the map and practice yourself, but to get #1 taken care of, visit the Mindr store to see how many devices you need to help protect your home.

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Our Vision: To help protect family and loved ones and reduce property damage by closing doors automatically when a smoke alarm sounds.

Our Mission: To slow fire growth, reduce damage and create survivable space for people and pets who are unable to immediately escape.

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